Interclub 2021 Herren 35+ 3.Liga

 The wait for tennis this year seemed long, some rains and pandemic made tennis matches welcoming.
35+ 3L Mens team was reduced to 7 players, shiva , Elvir out and in comes the ever cheerful roman moser to strengthen our team.

Team: babu, Roman,Mathias, Tinu, Ciji, Tinu Wyss, Bernie

The first match was at home, against a strong wanders team.
Our players seemed a bit rusty with everyone in all 6 courts loosing the first set. Babu and roman fought back briliantly to win the next two sets
and at the end of the singles round we were trailing 2-4.
Strategically combining to win remaining 3 doubles , the plan almost worked,
A new combination of Babu / Bernie continued their great team work from practice games to win, so did Mathias /Tinu Wyss.
Unfortunately Roman/ciji pair could not hold on and lost their match, resulting in a 4-5 loss in the opening round..

Captain Tinu in Action

Next round was against Dählhölzli, supposed to be an away match, Rains spoiled the fun ,and the match was cancelled on scheduled day. The captains then agreed to play in Konolfingen on the next day.
the top 4 Babu/Ciji/Roman/Mathias won all their singles matches for us to complete the singles 4-2 and this time we relied upon Babu/Ciji team in the doubles round who won and gave us the winning score in the round 5-4.